ABC's Of House Flipping

ABC’s of House Flipping

Learn about the ABC’s of house flipping below.

New things can be a little frightening or intimidating, some can be down right terrifying to see for the first time. The same is definitely true when it comes to flipping houses, sometimes things appear worse than the true reality. Many people have noted that many times during their first flip they thought they were in over their heads.

It usually takes a few flips to feel comfortable with the process of house flipping and the entire business in general. Most people make very little real profit on their first flip and it becomes a learning experience for the next flip. With each flip you gain knowledge, having newly learned lessons and a positive attitude are priceless.

You should learn how to start a house flipping business and avoid costly mistakes first time house flippers make. The ABCs of house flipping it’s a great place to begin to help avoid costly mistakes made by first time flippers.

County Property Appraiser


County Property Appraiser

You need to have a proper real estate appraisal performed on the flip house. Compare the appraisal to similar size, shape and style houses in better condition within the neighborhood. Check county property appraiser websites valuations and information of surrounding properties.

Never buy the best house in the neighborhood, in fact it is best  to look for the neighborhood eyesore. Aim to turn the eyesore into a competitive house for the neighborhood market. More importantly the appraisal should reveal an actual valuation compared to the price you pay. Talk to the appraiser about what the home would be worth the with improvements you plan to make.

County property appraiser records usually reflect different amounts than a private appraisal service may suggest. Online services like Zillow usually list properties well above and below the current valuations.

Business At Risk


Business At Risk

Bold moves can put a business at risk but they also show what you want to make of a job project. Make certain the reward out weigh the risks before putting a business at risk with avoidable situations.

The decision to flip houses is a bold move. You do not want to put a business at risk, but you do not want to play it too safe either. Balance risks & gains.

Be cautious with financing and guard incoming expenses and budget the project well to allow some extra spending. Look to make the changes that will catch the eye of the next owner of the property. Curb appeal in most cases is the reason a house sells. The yard is the first thing a potential buyer will see when they arrive to view the home.

Take bold moves if they do not put the business at risk and remember your perspective is not the same as others. Remember it’s always best to suit the home to the neighborhood and leave your personal preference out of the flip. For bold moves like a new roof you may have to make cuts in other areas to accommodate the project budget.

Can Do Attitude


Can Do Attitude

You must absolutely believe in the flip house to get the project completed. Flipping a house is not an undertaking for the timid or those lacking confidence. You need a can do attitude to deal with contractors, inspectors and vendors to complete a flip.

Look for the best prices and get the most bang for the buck.

In other words you need to believe in yourself and the house flip project with a real I can get the job done attitude. Take advice from those with experience and expertise especially with structural issues as those can bust a budget. While the home needs to be up to code make certain that you aren’t paying for things you aren’t getting.

Check your bill, customers sometimes get ripped off for things that were never done on a job yet they’re billed. Some people never notice until much later. Make sure you know what you are being charged for is the bottom line.




You must  be determined to see the flip project through from start to finish. It takes a certain type of character to deal with achieving goals and handling problems with the first few flips. Flipping houses can be a highly profitable way to make a living but it not always easy.

On mornings when you feel as though all is lost force yourself to go and work on the flip. Handle your business and keep a positive can do attitude.

When I wake up feeling that way I grab a cup of coffee and I gather my day’s game plan before I do anything else. Just because things may look bad on that day you should also know things can change and look  great tomorrow. Stay positive and you’ll get way more accomplished over trying to work with a negative attitude.

A bad day is a bad day and nothing more you must let it pass and keep progress moving forward.




Excitement might be the most necessary ingredient needed to be successful. While excitement can be in short supply at times it’s best if you can recapture the initial excitement.

Feeling excitement helps sustain you on days the plumber brings bad news or you learn that heavy storms are forecast the week the roof is to go on.

Checking things off a job list feels good and it keeps you in a positive mood. Installing items like tubs, showers or toilets and checking them off the list makes you feel excitement near the end.

You need to learn the profit margins and understand what kind of profit the property offers if you flip the home. This is a small start on the ABCs of house flipping and real estate investing but I think this covers all of the basics. Learn how to find a flip and get started in the property flip business today, you will probably love the freedom.

Good luck!

Thanks for reading my post on the ABC’s Of House Flipping.

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4 thoughts on “ABC’s of House Flipping”

  1. Fahim Shahriar

    Thank you for your article regarding House Flipping. I actually don’t have much idea about this as in our country we are not very familiar with this. But this can be a good option for investing money. Before moving we need to do some research about certain factors. Thank you again for showing these house flipping tips. I really enjoyed reading it. 

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Fahim.

      Yes, smart house flipping investors have made millions flipping houses, the profits can be very lucrative if done correctly. It’s always best to research any house before getting involved in the property, you never know what issues or attachments to the property that may exist like leans, outstanding debts, code violations or back taxes.

  2. A good breakdown of what is needed to be a successful flipper. LOL, enough for me to know I probably wouldn’t be. But thats important to know, isn’t it?  Your site can be seen as both encouraging and warning both are a public service. 

    I particularly liked the section on risk. Seems to me the house flipping business always has a certain amount of risk.. you don’t want to be reckless. But you can’t really play it safe. As you say, it takes certain kind of person to walk that fine line.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Jim.

      Like most any business there’s always risks involved, but many times a good house flipper can get properties for pennies on the dollar. That means there’s equity built in the deal when you make that purchase because the property as it sits is worth more than what you paid.

      A good house flipper can spot a deal like this and know the value in making that purchase.

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