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House Flipping Benefits

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Real estate investing offers some obvious financial rewards when the right situation presents an opportunity. Serious new investors should learn the ABC’s of house flipping before investing in any house flipping projects. Accredited colleges like Elearn offer an online property investment diploma course for $29 to learn the business.

There are a few more abstract house flipping benefits that can be gained when you decide to become a flipper. The rewards can be very lucrative and quick when flipping houses and those benefits draw many to this business.

Most things in life have several pros and con’s involved and the same can be said when it involves house flipping. Whether flipping houses for a living or starting the first flip, life lessons are bound to be discovered along the way.

These are lessons that can be applied in many aspects of your life as well.



BudgetingThe house flipping business gives new flippers a crash course in budgeting before they know what hit them. The answer to success house flipping is learning how to set budgets with a plan to avoid wasting money.

Learn to set a house flipping budget that is sufficient for covering the size of the project. Developing excellent budget skills as a house flipper will carry over into other areas of life when tackling projects.

To learn more about budgets there’s free help online or through financial advisers who specialize in budgets. The goal is an organized time allocated budget plan that provides positive results for the property to earn a quick profit.

Muscle Training


Muscle TrainingOne house flipping benefit you can count on is an excellent daily workout. Plenty of physical work challenges are bound to happen flipping houses. Daily physical labor is to be expected when flipping, it’s best to be prepared.

Every flip has issues that require physical work, some more than others. Heavy lifting and hard work every day ensure that you need a daily routine. Stretching for 15 minutes every morning is recommended for muscle training before you begin work for the day.

Training with stretching protects the body from injury due to pulled muscles, torn muscles, and aching muscles. This happens to your muscles that are never used and then suddenly used, stretching helps prevent those injuries. Over the years my body has had to adjust to new jobs that require different muscles and it takes a week every time.

Start a light daily routine in the morning, it’ll do wonders to get your busy day started working on your flip project. Stretching has a way of getting your motor running which is needed when you tackle that labor-intensive project. Whether digging yard stumps or hanging drywall hard work will whoop you if your muscles are not prepared.

Attention to Detail


Attention To DetailsAnother house flipping benefit I never expected is my attention to detail. When I first started flipping attention to detail was not part of my forte. Back then I wondered why it took so long to sell my flip after completion.

My attention to detail happened by accident and now there’s no other way. A realtor friend was helping me as I was clearing a flip house out of stuff. The plan was to put everything at the curb and start cleaning the rooms.

Well, that was my plan anyway, but my friend set some furniture aside and then put everything else at the curb. Designing is one of their passions and they cleaned and used that furniture to stage the house for an open house.  They were the reason I started buying new outlet covers, doorknobs and sometimes replace old hinges with new ones.

What I’ve learned is that sometimes it’s the little attention to details that actually grabs a potential buyer’s eye. After painting nothing sets off a room as all brand new cover plates installed, you definitely see that difference. Sometimes little things like a piece of missing tile or missing trim can completely change the look of a room.

Attention to detail also tends to make potential buyers envision a home that is loved and cared for by the owner. The detail you put into the project will show the work was done very well and new potential buyers like to see that. Sometimes it really is the little things that matter and with the house, flipping comes an endless list of little things.

Positive Thinking


Positive ThinkingBusiness guru often says the power of positive thinking is a powerful tool. They’re absolutely correct and controlling your positivity is key to success. When it comes to flipping houses positive thinking is the exact tool needed.

Positive thinking will keep you moving forward with your flipping project. Your own personal success all stems from the power of positive thinking.

You definitely will experience the opposite feeling at times because of bad project situations but you can control that as it happens. Sometimes the pressure of house flipping can feel enormous especially to new flippers, staying positive is vital to not have things come crashing down on you.

The key is to keep moving forward and deal with what happens as it comes, you can only do so much yourself. Hopefully, your budget will include enough to pay someone else to make headaches disappear.

Start Somewhere


Start SomewhereThere’s an old adage “nothing ventured, nothing gained” and flipping houses should teach you this lesson. Procrastination wastes time and money.

Each day you own a flip house you’re responsible for the house expenses. These include the utilities like electricity, water, gas, mortgage, and interest. Get in quick, get out quick, and move on to the next flip, that’s the best rule.

Putting off distasteful tasks won’t make them go away so you need to go ahead and get them over with as early as possible. Watching a flip house transformation is actually something I enjoy very much, I enjoy seeing things become new looking again and watching life come back to the flip house.

House flipping isn’t rocket science but it does take a bit of knowledge and luck, a good skill set, and steady determination to turn a profit in this particular business. Learning the lessons above should help you succeed flipping houses and maybe some other aspects of your life as well.

Thanks for reading my post on House Flipping Benefits.

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4 thoughts on “House Flipping Benefits”

  1. Hi John,

    Thank you for another great post. I feel you speak with honesty and genuine experience and personally I don’t think anyone should take any advice about house flipping from a person who hasn’t done it or at least worked a great deal around the industry. 

    The house flipping business can be a very hard nut to crack but with people like you writing about the real deal ie; the work out side of things etc because let’s face it, if you house flipping and not willing to do everything laborious that you can, you will be paying someone else to do it. So a work out it most certainly is. People don’t mention that often but it’s true so thank you for highlighting this and many other great points!

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Jade.

      I try to tell it as I know it to be and from my experience in this business I can tell you it’s not always easy to do. Basically either you’re getting a nice workout or your wallet is getting an extra workout, I try to do everything I can on my own. I’m stubborn like that, if I can do it than I’m doing it, otherwise I will hire day labor to help the project. 

  2. You sure sound like a pro in house flipping business. I heard about if first in cable channels but I’ve never seen one in the process. Mostly, it’s house renovation and redecoration. They never show it from planning to execution. Here in our country, most people would still categorize and term it under the buy and sell business. Real estate agents may choose to fix the house or not. 

    I think it’s a very lucrative business putting all your effort and money but the outcome for the hard labor is sweet.Thank you for this article, I’ve learn current real estate strategy that’s been going on in the west. 

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment Maureen.

      I have some experience flipping houses having done several, but I’m still learning new things as I go in this business. Not all flips need total rehab, some are as simple as some paint, flooring, doors and a good cleaning. Those are the ones I look for, minimal spending and make it nice, then list it ASAP and wait for someone to buy. The housing market varies around the world, but one thing that doesn’t change is the need for good housing.

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