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Using A Mortgage Calculator For Rent

Learn more about using a mortgage calculator for rent below.

When landlords set rent amounts there are several things that factor into arriving at a number. First, they look at supply and demand within that local real estate market, every area varies on rental prices.

Look for real estate properties similar to your property, you need to know how many and their overall values. Insert the property values into a free online mortgage calculator and use it as a calculator for rent. Doing this shows what a monthly mortgage would cost and you can base rent amounts on that number.

Some neighborhoods are in demand and while the housing is similar they may not have many available as rentals. That’s a great scenario if you own a property you intend to rent out in the neighborhood. This means the calculator for rent will show high rental fees and the property will rent fast because of demand.

Do some homework before getting involved in buying rental properties or any house you intend to flip for profit. Be aware of dead areas, cheaper costing property is worthless if you can’t rent them out or flip those properties. Cheap properties you thought you stole when you bought them turn into liabilities that strangle the business.


Rental Property Passive Loss


Mortgage Calculator For Rent

Big problems can happen when there’s plenty of vacancies for rent in an area near your property. The last thing a landlord wants to do is fill out a rental property profit loss statement.

This means facing steep competition with other property owners trying to do the same thing. Rental property passive loss is common in this type of situation, but some property owners do rise above it all.

It goes without saying when coming up with a price, that kind of neighborhood can hurt rental profits.

Learn prices for an area, it gives the exact numbers to formulate what to charge and what profits you can expect. These types of areas can swamp a landlord with loss unless you’re prices are flexible to keep the property rented.

To provide good rental prices an area must be stable and preferably on the rise with people moving to the location.


Real Estate Agent Tools


Ral Estate Agent Tools

Keep an eye out, if you see a “For Rent” sign, you should call the number to inquire about the property details. Find out how much it is being rented out for and the terms of the rental agreement.

Use some real estate agent tools online for help with comparable rental prices of similar neighborhood properties. Zillow real estate agent tools are excellent for finding property prices and it’s totally free to use.

Once a rent amount is formulated advertise the amount in the listing, this eliminates the need to ask how much.

Economics with inflation and area demand will add to more expenses and future taxes will definitely go upward.

The only recourse is to raise the rents to accommodate the increases that are happening involving the property. When the end of the current lease term is completed that is when the rent increase should take place. That is when a new term is offered to tenants already living in the properties.

By all means, aim to keep your existing tenants so the cash flow continues to pay for your property bills. Keeping open lines of communication with a tenant is best, keep any rent increase low to keep good tenants from moving.


Rental Contracts Landlords


Rental Contracts Landlords

Without an open line of communication, tenants are far more likely to leave before talking to anyone first. However, tenants who like and communicate with landlords are likely to stick around for longer rental terms.

My father owned some 20 duplexes back in the day and he offered his tenants a choice from 3 rental contracts. Rental contracts landlords like to offer multiple rental agreements to target tenants for longer terms.

Like this example: one year ($600 Monthly), two years ($550 Monthly), and three years ($500 Monthly)

Many apartment complexes and private homeowners offer an extended-term lease for less money per month rent. The game is to keep tenants for as long as possible and lowering rent is a sure-fire way to keep a tenant long term.

When a lease is broken it’s a hassle for all involved depending on the reason the lease was broken to start with. Broken leases and tenant resources can become an expense no landlord wants, tenant communication may prevent a broken lease. This can happen if a tenant breaks the lease and leaves a property because of code violations as an example.

When the landlord goes after them, the tenant may have an attorney that will beat that landlord in a courtroom.


Tenants And Landlord Rights


Tenants Landlord Rights

Property inspections are valuable to keep up to date with problems and issues that need attention. Repairing issues makes for a great landlord and very likely a landlord people would sign a lease with.

Most tenant-landlord relationships are pretty solid but there are times tenants and landlord rights are heard in a courtroom. Whether the court date is for evictions or tenant rights both sides have rights.

Landlords have rights because property owners have rights, however, tenant’s landlord rights are very equal in respect. Learning tenant’s landlord rights is great information to know for anyone in this business.

Tenant landlord disputes have gone on forever and most can be avoided by having open communication between the two parties. In the USA every state has its own tenant’s landlord rights and some states differ with these laws.

The bottom line, if you talk to one another and discuss possible issues solutions can happen and everyone’s happy. Good tenants, you wish to keep in your property who can’t afford the rent, rather than lose them, lower their rent.

The lower rent can be in exchange for certain tasks you need to be done on your property. Some tenants will ask to paint and clean for breaks on their rent and it’s mutual because you need that work done too.


Help Your Tenants


Help Your Tenants

As an example, let’s say a tenant helps you with a task worth $600 in value. That can knock $50 a month off their rent for the entire next 12 months. The tenant gets cheaper rent, you keep the tenant and you get the job done.

When the tenant does a great job and everyone is happy and the lease comes due again offer them another break.  Give them a task to help you out again.

When people like their landlord and they tend to treat the landlord’s property with respect and that’s the main goal.  It’s better than having someone you don’t know punching holes in the walls and making your property look bad.

When interested in a property that’s been sitting it’s recommended you learn everything about the property from the city, town, and county. Not only for past taxes but also for future projects that you may want to do with the property. Getting to know the people who work in the departments you will be using is also recommended.

As a landlord you will meet numerous people, some will be one-time meetings and others will last years depending. Help your tenants by treating them with respect and the results will be a longer-term tenant in your properties. Why not learn some more tips about real estate investing by reading another post.

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4 thoughts on “Using A Mortgage Calculator For Rent”

  1. Excellent article you have up here and I’m very glad I read it because the information was spot on. I decided to venture into the estate leasing business by becoming landlords to tenants. It’s actually my dad’s but he died some few months ago and I just have to step in his shoes. Reading this post has enlightened me a lot on how best to sustain landlord tenants relationship and also, I got to realise some tips which will help to maintain interest in the apartment. However, I like the 3 contract offers offered in this article, people truly love discounts. That’s great for me to know. 


    1. Thanks for leaving a great comment.

      Sorry for your loss, I understand about stepping in your dads shoes, I did the same before and after I lost my dad to cancer. The landlord tenant relationship can be a great one for both parties involved if all terms are agreed upon.

      Yes the 3 contract offer is a real motivator for enticing people to stick around for a while, my dad always used it.

      Back in those days they didn’t have the tools we have now like Bird Dog Bot, you should check it out with a 7 day trial offered in the side widget here. The software will find the best available deals anywhere, it’s truly incredible.

  2. I always dream of having a rental property that’s a building-size serving businesses and not just little apartments for families. But as I ponder upon the idea, I realize that it is not that easy though. That is unless I hire someone who will serve as my property manager. This article just gave me an idea who to hire when the time comes. As of now, I am still saving money for that bigger project from these little apartments that I own. It’s a long way to go but it pays to plan in advance than not plan at all.

    1. You can absolutely turn that dream into a reality, keep working at getting there and you will make it happen. 

      Owning properties does have it’s headaches and some are larger than others like the difference between a paint job or a new roof, there’s always something needed and it’s not always cheap to fix. 

      I’ve hired help for various projects and it saved me in the long run from extra company fee’s that I would of had to  pay. I dug my own ditches for pvc pipe and conduit to the breaker panel, that saved me a great deal of money.

      You might want to check out Bird Dog Bot for the 7 day trial, it finds deals well below the market value.

      Good luck in your real estate ventures, it’s the best thing ever when everything works out as planned.

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